Thursday, December 14, 2006

Smokers stink

After recent visits to some casinos in Southern California, including Morongo and Pechanga casinos, I was reminded of just how much other people's smoke disgusts me. Now, you must understand that...I used to smoke. It's true. :( But I was young and foolish, and quit BEFORE getting pregnant.

At Morongo, the smoke is so thick and so oppressive that it's practically impossible to breathe without feeling like you're in a smokestack. And that includes the NON-smoking section! The smoke absolutely pours into that room, and it's truly miserable. All of the good games are in the smoking section, and you have to walk through the smoking section to get anywhere, including the non-smoking section. We went to Morongo once, stayed for a VERY short time [because of the smoke], and will never go back unless they ban smoking. I have asthma and other pulmonary problems, and I had to use my rescue inhaler numerous times over the next 48 hours because of the effect the smoke had on me.

Pechanga is much, much better, but it can still be unpleasant. They have a very nice non-smoking area that is so clear of smoke you barely realize people are smoking nearby. There's a food court in the non-smoking section, plus restrooms, cashiers, ATMs, etc. But if you want to go to certain restaurants, such as their WONDERFUL buffet, you have to walk through the very large smoking section. Also, certain games are only available in the smoking section, so if your favorite game is only available have to decide whether to skip playing it or tough it out and try to tolerate being around smokers.

I guess what I really don't understand is why smoking is allowed at all in casinos in California. After all, isn't California the non-smoking section of the United States?!

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