Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barack Obama's infanticide problem

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We've written about Obama's pro-infanticide stance before, but in light of recent events it's important to touch on this issue again. To begin with, if you haven't watched this video about failed abortions resulting in live births, you really need to. This is not propaganda put out by some anonymous Obama hater.
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No, indeed, it's all verifiable and includes narration by a registered nurse, Jill Stanek, who testified before US House committees in 2000 and 2001 for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. In a nutshell, the BAIPA "ensures that every infant born alive -- including an infant who survives an abortion procedure -- is considered a person under federal law" <1> Why was the BAIPA necessary in the first place? Watch the video and you'll find out! Again, in a nutshell, it's because babies born alive after failed abortions were left to die, even when they could/would have lived given proper support.

So what does Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Hussein Obama) have to do with all this? Simple: He voted AGAINST the BAIPA not once, not TWICE, but THREE TIMES. He has lied about this--and oh so many other things--so much, it's no wonder people can get confused. Just the other day--right after his televised question-and-answer session with Rev Rick Warren at Saddleback Church--he gave an interview with CBN; when asked about the legislation, Obama said, "here's a situation where folks are lying" when they say he has misrepresented his position. <2> No, you pathological liar, "folks" aren't lying about your vote--YOU ARE.

Well, now he's full of excuses--after LYING about his votes for years--now that he's been caught. So what do we have? Obama and his pathetic minions coming up with excuse after excuse for why he voted against the BAIPA...but none of those excuses cuts it. The fact is that as an Illinois state senator he voted against protecting LIVING BABIES and he did it THREE TIMES. Even the most liberal Democrats and organizations, such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and NARAL, supported the bill, but not Obama.

The Obamabots who are spreading fear that if John McCain is elected president, Roe v Wade would quickly, inevitably be overturned, support a person who has no regard for human life at its most vulnerable time. What does this say about them?

Let's get a few things straight right now, okay? I--and many of my pro-Hillary, anti-Obama friends--have been accused of being "Republicans in disguise," "right-wing conservatives," and several other things that are so laughable...I barely know what to say! Anyone who suspects *ME* of being any of those things should go back over my web site's history; our top-selling merchandise since 2004 has been anti-Bush, only recently being surpassed by anti-Obama gear; we sell a lot of pro-choice and pro-gay stuff, too. I supported John Kerry/John Edwards in 2004...although, knowing what I know now, I wish I could turn the clock back and withdraw my support for them. So, yeah, before you even THINK about accusing me of being a right-wing Republican posing as a liberal [former] Democrat...just don't go there!

I am, and have always been pro-choice, although I found out when I had an unwanted pregnancy that for me, personally, abortion was not something I could do. So I guess you could say that I'm pro-choice for others, as I don't believe I have the right to tell other females they must have babies they don't want.

With that said, however, I must add that I am STRONGLY opposed to abortion after the point of viability--except in cases of absolute NEED, such as the mother's health being at stake--and as medical technology has continued to improve, that point keeps moving backwards. Babies that were once considered too premature to survive can now, in many cases, thrive with proper treatment.

This video made me feel SICK. I'm appalled at the medical professionals who participate in this practice; have they no conscience? I FULLY understand that a woman who has chosen abortion DOES NOT want the baby, but for heaven's sake if it's born ALIVE and could survive, why can't it be supported and then given up for adoption? Even if the woman is opposed to having her baby adopted by strangers, I think there could/should be some stipulation in the event of an unsuccessful abortion, because the OTHER alternative, i.e., leaving the baby to die, is inhumane and unconscionable.

And then, of course, there's the heartless piece of scum, Obama. His utter lack of empathy and/or concern for these babies is truly appalling. All the explaining away that he has done or will do CANNOT erase the fact that he voted against this bill THREE TIMES.

Still supporting him? Oh dear...maybe tomorrow I'll write about his youngest brother, George, who was recently "found"--living in squalor in the ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi, on pennies a day...with no help from the Obamessiah...


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