Thursday, August 28, 2008

Country before party. Nobama. Not now. Not ever.

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Well, the unDemocratic party has pulled off the biggest farce in its history, selecting the unqualified, anti-American, racist, lost-without-a-TelePrompTer Obama as its nominee. Note that I didn't say "as our nominee." After decades of being a staunch Democrat, I'm now officially done with this sham of a party. I only wish my best friend--a staunch Republican--had lived to see this day; he killed himself last September at the age of 43. He would've been thrilled to see me bashing a Democrat!
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No, I haven't gone so far as to register as a Republican; I'm not quite ready for that drastic of a move. But I am now "unaffiliated" with any party. Feels good, too. I didn't leave the Democratic party so much as it left me--and millions of others. Come November, they're going to find out just how disenfranchised they made us feel, as we turn out in force to elect John McCain.

Do I agree with everything McCain stands for? No, absolutely not. So why am I planning to support and vote for him? That's easy: Obama is a fraud. A dangerous, unknown, anti-American, racist fraud. He's a pathological liar, which has been proven time and time again--to people with functioning brains, that is. If you're one of those Kool-Aid swigging, Obamabot morons who can't/won't accept the fact that he DOES lie constantly, despite all the proof...what can I say? He's lied about so many things, it's a miracle if ANYTHING coming out of his mouth is the truth. To say nothing of his continual flip-flopping!

At least with McCain he's pretty much a known commodity; he's been in public service for, what, 40 years? Yes, he's way too conservative for my liberal-leaning liking, but at least he's an American hero and no one in their right mind can question his patriotism--to AMERICA, unlike Obama.

Sure, we've heard the Obamamorons moaning and groaning about how a McCain presidency will be the death knell of Roe v Wade, to which we say: BULLSHIT. I'll break this down for the pea-sized brain contingent (otherwise known as Obama cult members):

Since Roe v Wade went into effect, there have been SIX Republican presidencies/terms--Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Bush II--outnumbering Democratic presidencies 2-1 (Carter, Clinton, Clinton). ALL of those Republican presidents were extremely conservative, and unequivocally "pro-life" (a misnomer, of course, as they're really anti-choice, but that's what they call themselves). If NONE of those presidents touched Roe v Wade, why does anyone think McCain will? He's not nearly as right-wing conservative as those aforementioned presidents; in fact, he's really quite the centrist.

Of course I know that the argument goes something like: "But McCain will appoint ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE, pro-life judges to the Supreme Court! Once that's done, there goes Roe v Wade!" I don't believe it will work that way. The American public has made very clear over the decades that it supports a woman's right to choose, and I don't think the Supreme Court is interested in working against the will of the majority. (Of course, the DNC did when it perpetrated the worst fraud ever by pushing Mr Anti-America down our throats...)

But let's say that it really does happen, Roe v Wade really does get overturned. In my opinion? TOO FUCKING BAD for the morons who supported Obama! My [former] fellow Democrats who chose to jump on Mr Empty Suit's bandwagon, full of empty rhetoric about "hope" and "change"--with never a word about HOW things would change--should've supported the vastly superior, vastly more experienced candidate, Hillary Clinton, when they had the chance. If, as a result of their idiot candidate losing to McCain in November, legal abortions are outlawed...too fucking bad.

I've written before--and certainly people who know me in real life know this very well--that I've been pro-choice for as long as I can remember. But I have no qualms at all about voting for McCain, even with its remote possibility of women losing the right to legal abortions, because I know in my heart that he's a better choice for this country.

Obama? A fraud through and through. His dolt admirers must really like hearing him say, "uh... um... and... uh... you know... um..." Too bad that won't cut it once the Republicans really go to work on him...

Oh, one last thought: The fucking MORONS who have nothing better to do than cry "you're racist! you're racist!" to those of us SMART enough to recognize Obama for what he is--get over yourselves. You make yourselves look even more idiotic than you already did when you attack people who've worked hard for civil rights and don't have a racist bone in their bodies. Too bad you're so fucking stupid--and ignorant--that you haven't figured out, yet, that you're supporting an empty suit. A RACIST empty suit. Go look up the meaning of the word racist, you fucking idiots. Then try to assimilate that your cult leader attended a seethingly anti-white, anti-Semitic church for TWENTY YEARS. Racist? Yes, the idiot you're supporting is definitely a racist. Those of us who have hundreds of reasons to be against him, none of which involves his being part black? No, we're not the racists...

I'm a typical white person appalled by Obama's racism



Anonymous said...

Too bad about your Republican friend.

You have a lot of bad names to call Obama, yet you never offer any "proof" of his lies or supposed "racism" and as far as Republicans "really going to work on him"... news flash, its September already. They should have been "working" on him, and they have. But an educated guess would inform you that they have nothing on him. As for you, you probably feel the "change" your seeking by convincing yourself that you are part of some major disenfranchised group of Hillary supporters who are going to elect McCain b/c of your angry Clinton didn't get nominated. - How childish. Grow the fuck up, but hey, please vote your conscience or lack thereof.

SmartAssProducts said...

Typical Kool-Aid swigging, mindless devotion to Obama comment, anonymous! No PROOF of Obama's lies or racism? Hello?! Have you been living in a cave? Go look at his school records from Indonesia--the actual records, not some doctored-up version--that show his citizenship as Indonesian and his religion as Islam. Since you're clearly too drunk on the Kool-Aid to understand the lie in this, let me explain it to you: Obama has stated UNEQUIVOCALLY that he has NEVER been a Muslim. Get it? His school records refute that. This is what's called a lie. Racism?'re aware, aren't you, that he attended a seethingly racist church for TWENTY YEARS, right? What would you call that?

Go drink some more Kool-Aid, and if your messiah should actually get elected, you're going to be in for an enormous--and shocking--wake up call as you find out what he ACTUALLY stands for...

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