Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gear up for the PUMA march in Denver

Many of my fellow PUMAs (that's Party Unity My Ass, in case you didn't know!) are preparing to head to Denver for the unDemocratic convention. Health issues will prevent me from going, but I'll definitely be there in spirit as they march, protest, and generally let it be known that we have NOT been bamboozled by the fraud, Obama, or the disgraceful mockery the DNC has made of this campaign.
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If you're going to Denver and want to be sure you're noticed, now would be the ideal time to stock up on anti-Obama, anti-DNC, PUMA, and pro-Hillary gear. Orders placed within the next couple weeks should arrive easily in time for the convention, which runs from August 25-28. Our shop is powered by CafePress, and they offer a number of shipping options to fit every budget and schedule.

Here are a few of our best-selling designs; keep in mind they're available on the full range of products offered by CafePress, including many shirt styles for men, women, and kids, plus bumper stickers, coffee mugs, buttons, magnets, tote bags, hats, caps, and much more:

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Order soon! Don't risk arriving in Denver without plenty of swag to let everyone, including the media, know that you're part of the amazing PUMA movement.


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