Sunday, September 07, 2008

Obama: "My Muslim faith" -- his OWN words

After endless denials from Barack Hussein Obama (or Barry Soetoro, per his school registration in Indonesia) that he has ever been Muslim--despite proof to the contrary--guess what slipped out of his mouth during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC?

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Here, watch and listen for yourself:

Snippet on YouTube; Obama says " Muslim faith..." [Copy has been saved just in case the YouTube version disappears.]

Slightly longer snippet on YouTube; after Obama refers to his Muslim faith, Stephanopoulos corrects him by saying "Christian faith" which Obama then repeats. [Copy has been saved just in case the YouTube version disappears.]

Complete interview from ABC; also includes reference to that bone-headed comment he made at Saddleback, you know, the abortion question where he replied, "that's above my pay grade."

So what do the brainwashed, Kool-Aid drinking Obamabots have to say now?! They, just like their LYING cult leader, have been denying for months that Obama is/was a Muslim. Guess what they're doing now? The words were barely out of the liar's mouth and the bots jumped on it and started making up excuses: "He's tired...he got confused...he's been traveling too much...blah blah blah..." Why can't they just recognize that their messiah was raised as a Muslim--again, there's plenty of proof, including statements from his own relatives, plus the AP photograph of his school records from Indonesia--and very well may STILL be a Muslim. Since Obama lies about virtually everything, how can we actually know that he's NOT still a practicing Muslim? The fact that " Muslim faith..." slipped right out of his mouth during the George Stephanopoulos interview SHOULD give even his most in denial followers a clue...

And, just to reiterate, since the bots can't seem to follow a logical thought--it's NOT about Obama being [or having been] Muslim! It's about him LYING about it. See the difference?



Peter said...

I don't understand, why are you blatantly trying to propulgate what you know is false? I'm sure you saw the interview in order to post the clip of it, and then you know that RIGHT AFTER your clip ends, he says to clarify "What I'm saying is that he [McCain] hasn't said that I'm a Muslim." He then proceeds to say that although McCain himself has not accused him of being a Muslim, the GOP party HAS, in contrast, attempted to say that he "is not who I say I am, when it comes to my faith. Something which I find deeply offensive."

Does this site really think that the best, or perhaps only way to sell its message is to broadcast 12-second audioclips intentionally removed from context? Let me just say that I don't believe that you ever supported Hillary Clinton. She has too much integrity for you to ever be comfortable with. This website is Karl Rove/Republican Country.

SmartAssProducts said...

Interesting that you attack the clip, Peter, yet you ignore the school registration papers that make absolutely clear Obama has been a Muslim--despite his denials. And the whole point about the video clip is that the words "my Muslim faith" slipped right out of Soetoro's mouth. Assuming that you're not, and never have been, Muslim, would those words slip out of YOUR mouth?

Also, don't you Obama-brainwashed bots have anything better--or more original--to do than keep dragging out the "you must be Republicans!" bullshit? Go look at our web site, you idiot, and the anti-Bush, pro-Hillary merchandise that's been there for FOUR FUCKING YEARS. Moron...

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