Friday, October 03, 2008

Obama '08. History in the making!

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There's been a lot of talk about the "history making" implications of this presidential election, hasn't there? Of course, before Hillary Clinton was strong-armed out of the race by Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, the [un]Democratic party, Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama, et al, there truly was an historic element to this election.
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If Clinton had been elected--as she probably would have been when going up against McCain--real history would have been made, as the United States would have its first female president. But now? Well, if you listen to the Obamabots, it's Obama who's making history. Why? They're convinced that he's black, therefore they believe he'll make history as the first black president of the US.

They're wrong, of course, just like they're wrong on so many other things--like WHY they support an unqualified, anti-American, racist. But Obamabots are more interested in fluff than substance, so it's not surprising that they're oblivious to the truth about their messiah, i.e., that he's not black, therefore he won't be the first black/African-American ANYTHING.

We've previously discussed the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, only 6.25% black--which doesn't even meet the legal definition of being black in the United States. [See Charge #14 in this post for the mathematical breakdown of Obama's race.] Yet the mainstream media and the Kool-Aid swigging Obamabots continue to talk about Obama as an "African-American" or the "first black to...[whatever]" No, he's not black. Get over it!

Anyway, it struck me the other day that despite the fact that Obama is not black and, therefore, is not making any sort of history based on that, he definitely is making history in another way. So I immediately set about creating a design for [still more!] anti-Obama gear. :) Here it is:

Obama '08. History in the making!

Yep, Obama is definitely making history. And I truly hope this is the last time an unqualified, unvetted, America-hating, racist, misogynist, anti-Semite, dog-meat-eating person ever gets this close to the White House.


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