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Michael "Scumbag" Vick: No takers yet!


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UPDATE 11/18/10: The following post is very old. Please see this much more recent one, which includes an article that appeared in the LA Times having to do with Mel, one of the abused dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dogfighting operation, and how he still suffers years later from his abuse.

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It's gratifying to see that--as of yet--no NFL team wants to touch the heartless piece of shit known as Michael Vick. The latest team to make that official? The San Diego Chargers, as noted in this LA Times article. In it, Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith said:

"Some head coaches and GMs would talk about it, but for what? I don't know why you'd want to fool with it."


"As for the Chargers, Smith said: 'Let me just put it this way: If his agent calls, we have three quarterbacks here and we're set at the position. We don't have any spot for him here.'

Asked if the team might create a spot if one of those quarterbacks were not available, Smith said no."

Just in case anyone's been in a cave for a while and doesn't know why no one wants to touch Michael Vick, here's the short version: He and his similarly heartless friends ran a dogfighting ring in which INNOCENT dogs were tortured and killed. Among other things, Vick participated in hanging, drowning, and electrocuting dogs who "didn't perform well" in fights. The poor dogs who survived fights--and murder at Vick's hands--were bloodied and injured, left to suffer without proper medical care.

Maybe after Michael Vick agrees to be hung, electrocuted, drowned or forced to fight until he's mangled and bloody--or to death--then I'll believe he's truly sorry for what he did.

As far as I'm concerned, Vick the Dick and his subhuman friends--and anyone else who participates in animal fighting--can go to hell. Actually, I'm quite sure that's exactly where they'll end up, burning in hell for all eternity.

I posted the following in the 'comments' at the link above; I liked it so much I thought I'd copy it here!

I'm glad to see that the vast majority of people posting see things the same way I do. The rest of you? You're either extremely naive, extremely ignorant, extremely stupid, or extremely heartless to think what Vick did wasn't such a big deal. YES, it was. And justifying it by saying it's been going on for a long time? SO WHAT?! Slavery went on for a long time, too; so did segregation. Did that make them okay? No. Same with animal fighting.

However, while I am adamantly opposed to him ever playing professional sports again (more about that in a moment), I absolutely believe that he--and all other ex-cons--should be given a chance to work again. After all, they need to support themselves and their families. I hope Vick and the rest of his cruel, heartless, dogfighting friends can find jobs.

BUT, the reason Vick shouldn't be allowed to play pro sports again is simple: People look up to pro athletes. They're heroes to kids, and even adults. Michael Vick does not deserve in any way, shape or form to be back in a position of idolatry. He is not--and should never be considered--a role model.

Frankly I don't CARE how remorseful he -appears- to be. The fact is, he participated in a long-standing, well thought out, organized, horrifically cruel CRIME that caused unconscionable pain and distress to many innocent dogs. He should NEVER again be put in the "hero" position so many pro athletes enjoy just by virtue of being a pro athlete.

Based on sales of our anti-Michael Vick, anti-dogfighting merchandise, I'd say there are a LOT of people who feel the way I do.

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