Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Microsoft sucks so much... Bing results are OPPOSITE what they should be

Shop for anti-windows, anti-microsoft, pro-Linux merchandise at SmartAssProducts.comJump to 02/02/11 update showing Microsoft visiting this post.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature should know that Microsoft specializes in products that do the opposite of what you'd expect. For example, operating systems are supposed to keep computers humming along, ready to do whatever you want whenever you want. But with Microsoft's [so-called] operating systems, the user spends a great deal of time recovering from crashes, lockups, constant reboots [for everything from installing software to recovering from another lockup], and so on. Not exactly productive! As one anti-windows slogan says, "When will Microsoft make something that doesn't suck? When they start making vacuum cleaners!"

So today I was backtracking from some incoming links in my site logs to see how visitors had arrived at my site, and I saw this one:


As you can see the search was for "anti-windows merchandise." Now, since Bing is Microsoft's attempt at being a viable search engine, you'd THINK it would provide accurate results, right? Well...think again! They're so Linux-phobic at Microsoft (and rightly so, since nothing they've ever come up with can compete with Linux) that even their so-called search engine spits out biased, anti-Linux results!

Look at these screenshots (select the images to see large, clear versions):

See how the search is very clearly for ANTI-windows merchandise? Well, glance at the areas I've framed and written about in black. See the PRO-windows results? Fucking morons. And people actually think Bing is a good choice as a search engine? Fucking idiots.

UPDATE 02/02/11: We're honored...*cough*...that Microsoft came here to read this post! They followed links in comments I'd posted on newspaper sites reporting that Bing copies Google. Select the image for a bigger, clearer view with commentary:


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