Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Animal lover since birth. Vegan/vegetarian since [your year]

Animal lover since birth. Vegetarian since [your year], pro-vegetarian merchandiseIf you're looking for a really unique gift for a vegan or vegetarian, we're proud to offer our collection of Animal lover since birth. Vegetarian since [year] and Animal lover since birth. Vegan since [year] merchandise.

Animal lover since birth. Vegan since [your year], pro-vegan merchandiseWe have a complete line of merchandise for every year dating back to 1970. Our products include a huge selection of shirts, plus bumper stickers, mugs, buttons and magnets, jewelry, kids' clothes and much more.

Speaking as a longtime vegetarian, I can say with reasonable certainty that most of us who've chosen not to participate in the cruelty of the meat industry are proud of that fact. I like letting people know that I've been vegetarian since 1988. When someone sees me in my Animal lover since birth. Vegetarian since 1988 t-shirt, it's very common for them to strike up a conversation to ask me how and why I went veg in the first place. This is always a great opportunity to tell people about the atrocities committed against animals--sentient beings--in the meat industry and on factory farms.

So if your holiday shopping this year includes wanting to get something special and meaningful for the vegan/vegetarian(s) in your life, please have a look!

Here are a few samples; click on any image to see all years with that design:


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