Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gone, but not forgotten: POWs/MIAs

Something I saw yesterday, a POW/MIA sticker, reminded me of the old days of Vietnam and its prisoners of war and missing in action. Then I got to thinking about Iraq, and its POWs/MIAs and, of course, our heartless president who deserted while in the service during Vietnam. I guess I'm never going to get over wondering how a cowardly scumbag who protected his own hide by staying stateside during Vietnam, can so effortlessly send men and women to their deaths...or maimings...or PTSD...or POW status...or MIA...without missing a beat. But I still can't figure out which is worse: The cowardly scumbag, George W Bush, himself, or the morons who voted for him?

At any rate, if you're among those, like us, who choose not to forget about the POWs and MIAs from past wars, and today's war, why not say so? Pop on over and buy one of these bumper stickers, t-shirts, buttons, or other items that say, Gone, but not forgotten: POWs/MIAs.

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