Friday, February 01, 2008

Let's make "herstory": Hillary '08

Last night's debate [between Clinton and Obama] really drove home just how ready Clinton is to be president of the US. She was poised, very well informed, had facts to back things up, and, as always, came off looking professional and sounding intelligent and articulate. That's not to say that Obama performed poorly because, for the most part, he didn't. It's just that Clinton is so much readier to be president now than Obama is.

Here's a scenario that would work well for all involved: A Clinton/Obama ticket. That way, we'd get the immediate readiness on Clinton's part to step into the oval office and get down to work, and we'd have an 8 year stretch (yes, I do believe Hillary will win a second term) with Obama as vice president, giving him time to ease into getting ready to be president.

For right now, let's concentrate on making "herstory" by electing Clinton in November. (For the record, we don't think Clinton should be elected BECAUSE she's a woman. The only thing that counts is who's the best candidate for the job and, in our opinion, that's Clinton, hands down.)

One issue that REALLY bothers me is Obama's repeated attempts at making it sound like his opposition to the Iraq war, from the beginning, somehow makes him the better choice. Wrong! Clinton based her decision to support the war on faulty information and lies from the Bush administration. Under those circumstances, who can fault her? She did what she thought was best based on the facts as she knew them. She didn't have a crystal ball and couldn't have known how faulty the Bush intelligence (wow, is that an oxymoron or what?!) was; Bush was the president and Clinton had to assume that what he was saying was indeed correct. If there really had been weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, wouldn't it be a good thing to go in and take control? Of course it would. And that's what Clinton thought she was supporting. I have no problem whatsoever with Clinton's changing opinions over time regarding the war. It's GOOD to learn from one's mistakes! It's GOOD to admit that--knowing what one knows now--one wouldn't make the same bad decision they did when they had incomplete data. Obama and his supporters really need to get over the fact that he--in his opinion--was 'right' about the war from the get-go. Really...get over it.

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