Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama: Not now, not ever!

Well, well, well... So Obama outspends Hillary 4 to 1 in Pennsylvania, and what does he get? A BIG FUCKING LOSS. And I'm loving it. Has the Kool-Aid finally lost its potency?

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It looks like Pennsylvanians went out and voted with their conscience, instead of relying on the Obama Kool-Aid/bandwagon/hope and change rhetoric/media bias. That's wonderful, but it begs the question: WHAT TOOK SO FUCKING LONG?! If Obama's Kool-Aid swigging cult members had been capable of looking at him for what he actually is, i.e., a despicable, hate-filled, racist man who also happens to be wholly unqualified for the office of president, Clinton would have won the nomination months ago. If Obama's cult members had taken a good hard look at the scum he has surrounded himself with--over many, many years--perhaps the lightbulb would have gone off a lot sooner. If the media, instead of deifying Obama, had treated him the same as they were treating Clinton, his followers would have had no choice but to see the light long ago.

The man is hollow. There's nothing there. Anyone who has actually LISTENED to him during the debates--even the first 20+ debates in which he was given a free ride, let alone the most recent one where he was actually asked a few "tough" questions--would have no choice but to see that he's clueless.

So how do we explain the unprecedented, unwarranted adulation Obama has received during this campaign? I don't know! Mass spiking of Kool-Aid with something that turns seemingly normal people's brains into misfiring blobs of gray cells?

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