Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama: Running scared! (And rightly so)

I suppose this shouldn't be surprising--after all, he's completely lost without his beloved TelePrompTer--but Obama has made clear that he will not debate Clinton prior to the next round of primaries: "I'm not ducking. We've had 21 [debates]" Obama said on Fox News Sunday. Um, yes, oBLAHma, you're ducking.

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See, Obama, the TRUTH (something else--along with original thought--you wouldn't recognize even if it jumped up and bit you) is that although there have been 21 debates, the first 20 gave you a free ride! It was only the 21st debate that even BEGAN to broach the subjects you've worked so hard to steer clear of. That's the one where you whined and cried like a baby afterwards because you didn't like the "tough" treatment the moderators gave you--although I have yet to hear you complain about the MUCH TOUGHER treatment the moderators of the prior 20 debates gave your opponent. What's up with that? Poor wittle baby...waaaaah!

Here's something else for [anyone who's stupid enough to be] Obama supporters: Read this article about Obama's money laundering. Gee, he's SUCH an upstanding guy!!

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