Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Party unity my ass, or how the DNC is hurting for money

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It pleases me to no end to be able to report that the [un]Democratic National Committee is hurting for funds for the Denver convention in August. GOOD! They're getting exactly what they deserve for having thrown EIGHTEEN MILLION of us [Clinton supporters] under their very large bus.
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As of today, they're short about 11 million dollars, which they had promised to raise by mid-June. I guess Howard Dean and the other geniuses at the DNC didn't count on millions of us turning our backs on them, just as they turned their backs on Hillary and us. Surprise! Our message to them: Go fuck yourselves. You pushed--no SHOVED--an unqualified, unvetted, unknown commodity [Obama] down our throats over the vastly superior Clinton, and now you're paying for your own stupidity. Good luck raising the funds you need.

On the other hand, tons of us are mobilizing for trips to Denver during the convention [if the convention actually happens, that is] to protest the disgraceful behavior of the [un]Democratic party during this campaign. We'll be there in force, with our pro-Hillary gear, our anti-Obama merchandise, and our pro-McCain-if-we-have-to-choose-between-him-and-Obama stuff. Make no mistake about it, the fallout from the asinine decisions the Democrats made during this campaign will be big, loud, and its effects will be seen for years.

Many of us have already de-registered from the [un]Democratic party, and many more will follow. A favorite strategy right now is to send your torn-up voter's registration card [showing that you were registered as a Democrat] to Howard Dean for his viewing pleasure. Another fun thing to do is to send $44 in play money to the Obama campaign, and another $44 in play money to the DNC. Why 44? To represent the 44th president, of course. Why play money? So that you can attach a note saying that you're sending pretend money to help fund the pretend campaign they've been running. Want to participate? Great!

Here's where to send things to Howard Dean:

Howard Dean, Chairman
Democratic National Committee
430 S. Capitol St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

How about helping Obama out with his campaign?

Obama for America
PO Box 802798
Chicago, IL 60680

Whatever you do, please make sure you send an explanation! Remember, the folks we're dealing with aren't too swift, so you need to make abundantly clear WHY you're doing what you're doing.


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