Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unity? Yeah, I don't think so...

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There's a LOT of movement going on right now in the anti-Obama/anti-DNC world. In fact, there's so much happening that it's gotten quite difficult to keep up with it all! So I thought I'd take a stab at putting some links together in one place that people can go to in order to stay up on what's happening. Note that many of these links contain lists of other once you start visiting these, you can easily connect with tons of other pro-Hillary/anti-Obama sites.
Shop our anti-Obama, pro-Hillary, PUMA, McCainocrat gear here -- We are a coalition of millions with one thing in common: NObama -- A great place for news and info about all things pro-Hillary -- The goal of this website is to create a place where Democrats that feel the DNC and media have acted in bad faith towards the American people can gather to organize, share insights and have their voices be heard. The Superdelegates are watching...make sure they hear you too! -- Hillary Clinton has been actively fighting in the political arena for decades. I refer to it as an arena, because she has had to endure brutal media bias and outright attacks from others. Somehow, the media believes that everything in her life, including the most intimate details, should be fully disclosed to the entire nation. But, that same media does not apply these rules to her adversaries.

18 Million Voices -- We have recently changed our name from "Million Women March Rise Hillary Rise" to "18 Million Voices Rise Hillary Rise" in response to feedback asking us to adopt a more inclusive name. Our goals and organizing efforts haven't changed, and we are gaining more momentum each and every day.

Pro-Hillary Network -- nice list put together by, an Obamabot-free zone

Leaving the Democratic Party -- Many of us have left, or are leaving, the [un]Democratic party, and this is a good place to go for support and validation of that decision

NObama Blog -- I think its title is self-explanatory! -- Another self-explanatory title

Hillary Blogosphere -- A pretty comprehensive list of pro-Hillary/anti-Obama blogs

Well, I hope that gives you something to start with as you make your way around cyberspace looking for places that recognize Obama for the farce he is--and Clinton for the far superior choice for president that she is.


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