Friday, July 25, 2008

The joke's on us. We've all been had!

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I think I've finally figured it out--the whole Obama thing, that is. You see, for months I've tried to understand how an inexperienced, unvetted, anti-American, racist, [less than] one term senator could create such rabid, unjustified support from everyone from the mainstream media to the so-called political pundits. And I came up empty...kind of like Obama!
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Anyway, after trying in vain to figure out what I was missing, it hit me: The WHOLE THING is a joke! Now it makes perfect sense.

Before going any further, let's look at some of the KNOWN qualities Barack Insane Obama possesses:

. Attended a racist, seethingly anti-American church for 20 years

. Stated in 2004 that he absolutely would not seek the presidency in 2008

. Has less than 150 total days of experience on the Senate floor

. Has lied about so many things it's hard to keep track of them all

. Is apparently illegitimate, although as with so many other things, he's lied about this

. Is actually only 6.25% black, yet plays up what an "African-American" he is

. Flip-flops on nearly a daily basis on...EVERYTHING

. Cannot think on his feet AT ALL (remember the last debate with Clinton? the one where the moderators had the balls to ask Obama a few "tough" questions? and how he responded with a lot of, ""?) No TelePrompTer, no "eloquent, articulate" speeches!

. Hangs around with terrorists and slumlords

. Has been involved in money laundering

. Has a wife who was NEVER proud of American before her husband ran for president

. Admitted to using illegal drugs

. Was raised a Muslim--yes, he was REGISTERED for school that way!--but lies about that, too, just like he lies about everything else

. Has the support of Islamic leaders and various tyrants around the world--who would like nothing more than to have him in the White House

So what's the joke? It's like this: The unDemocratic Party, led by Howard Dean and spurred on by various losers like John Kerry and assorted jealous women like Nancy Pelosi, decided that they could not let Hillary Clinton win the nomination. So they went about trying to destroy her--but to pull this off they needed a puppet, and that's where Barack Hussein Obama comes in. Of COURSE they knew that he was unqualified! Of COURSE they knew that he stood for nothing! Of COURSE they knew that he wouldn't have an ice cube's chance in hell of defeating the Republican candidate! But they hated Clinton so much, they were willing to sacrifice the 2008 elections just to keep her out of the White House.

What they didn't know was that a bunch of uninformed, uneducated, starry-eyed people would latch on to the whole "hope and change!" nonsense. They couldn't have anticipated droves of idiots falling for...NOTHING. Nothing...yes, that's what Obama is all about. And the hopeless romantic nutjobs who've fallen for the abstract, vague HOPE of CHANGE don't realize that they're supporting an empty suit.

While Obama is being treated like a rock star, no one seems to be paying attention to the fact that there's nothing there. "His" platform is, of course, Hillary Clinton's platform slightly reworded. Remember in the debates--the ones that came before that final, telling one--when his most common response was, "I agree with Senator Clinton!"? Of course he does...that's who he stole "his" platform from!

It's a bad joke that, unfortunately, backfired on the DNC. They thought that by playing up--and shoving down our throats--an unqualified, unknown, inexperienced, unvetted, anti-American, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-gay, misogynist, the public would be outraged and would jump ship and rally behind the Republican candidate. Unfortunately, the Kool-Aid drinking cult members who've fallen head over heels for Mr Empty Suit pose a big problem for them; they know they're going to be the laughing stock of the world if--heaven forbid!--Obama actually gets elected in November.

There is a bright side to this, though! The PUMA movement. No one could have anticipated that millions of Americans--smart, informed Americans--would rise up and say, "NO! You're NOT going to make a mockery of democracy!" So here we are, preparing to march in Denver, continuing to support Hillary Clinton, REFUSING to support Obama and/or the DNC--and they're hurting for it, too! they've even had to cancel events in Denver due to lack of funds--and making sure the eighteen million people who voted for Clinton are heard. Maybe this joke will have a funny ending after all...


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