Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun ways to contribute to Obama and the DNC

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Some of my 18 million Hillary-supporting, anti-Obama friends and I have come up with some fun ways to...um...help the Obama campaign and the DNC. You see, it all started with the never-ending stream of pleas for financial support that we started receiving from Obama and the DNC, especially after Clinton suspended her campaign.

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At first, we were all angered by the appearance of these unwanted, unwelcome pieces of junk from Mr Empty Suit and his cohorts. I mean, really, the AUDACITY of asking us for financial support...they want our money, after they stomped all over the most qualified Democratic candidate in eons, while simultaneously shoving the LEAST qualified candidate--of any party--in DECADES down our throats. Then it hit us. Sure!, why not send them money? They're even considerate enough to provide prepaid return envelopes.

Of course there's a twist. Several twists, actually. Some of us have sent play money, typically in amounts that have some significance, such as $44 to represent the 44th president of the US--which should rightfully be Hillary Clinton. Others started taping pennies to a piece of paper and sending that in; 57 pennies is a popular number, since that represents the 57 states Obama believes he visited as per a comment he made during the campaign. Some folks are taping their pennies--or slugs, washers, foreign coins...basically anything that weighs a lot--in the shape of the word P.U.M.A. (For those who haven't heard, there's a huge movement, Party Unity My Ass, made up of people like myself who are disgusted with the sham campaign run by Obama and the DNC.) Others are writing the word P.U.M.A. on rocks and sending those in.

The beauty of this type of "donation" is that it gets across the message that we are NOT falling in line behind the unqualified, unvetted, anti-American, racist, inexperienced messiah CHOSEN by Howard Dean and the DNC. No indeed.

Play money is fun, but the pennies/slugs/foreign coins are probably the best, as they actually cost the recipient money for postage [based on weight].

Why not join in the fun? If you're disgusted with the pretend campaign that's unfolded this year and want to make a statement, do! The next time you receive a plea for money from Backtrack Obama or the UNDemocratic party, grab that postage paid envelope, fill it up with play money or pennies or whatever, and send it in. Also feel free to write a personal message expressing your feelings. Now that the DNC and Obama are falling way short of their projected fundraising, perhaps they'll start LISTENING to why the donations fell off. Who knows...they may even come to their senses.


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