Friday, August 08, 2008

Did Obama blackmail Edwards for his endorsement?

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With today's admission from John Edwards that he did indeed have an affair with Rielle Hunter, the question many of us PUMAs/Hillary supporters have been mulling for some time now looks like it's probably true: Did Obama blackmail Edwards into withdrawing from the race AND endorsing him?
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Let me explain. Ever since we first heard about the alleged affair between Edwards and Hunter--which includes the possibility that he fathered her child, although he's denying that at this point--we wondered if this was the real cause of Edwards deciding to drop out of the race--and endorse Obama. We tried hard to understand how John Edwards could endorse the unqualified, anti-American, racist Obama instead of the highly qualified, VERY experienced Clinton. And, of course, it didn't make sense. But it does now.

Let's assume that Obama knew about the affair, perhaps from having a little undercover detective work done on his opponents, with the hope of finding something he could hold against them. So now he knows that Edwards was cheating on his cancer-stricken wife, and perhaps fathered an illegitimate child. Now assume that Obama [or his operatives] approached Edwards with the news that he/they knew about the affair, and that the only way they'd keep quiet about it was if Edwards withdrew from the race and then endorsed Obama. If you were John Edwards...wouldn't you WANT your affair to be kept out of the public's eye? Do you think you'd be willing to turn down an offer like that and then have the news go public? You wouldn't have an ice cube's chance in hell at that point of winning the election, so why stay in the race? Yes, it's very plausible that Obama threatened Edwards with exposing the affair and, in return, Edwards withdrew and endorsed Obama.

By the way, we first heard about this affair from, of all places!, The National Enquirer. Interesting, isn't it, that the mainstream media--you know, those folks who've been fawning over Barack Hussein Obama for some inexplicable reason, and who fail to report ANYTHING that paints him in a bad light--didn't break this story. Interesting that it took a rag like The National Enquirer to break a story with such earth-shaking ramifications as this one may have. Of course, I fully expect that the MSM will conveniently skip over the possibility that Obama used this affair as blackmail to get Edwards to drop out and endorse him--even if it turns out to be true. I don't think any of the mainstream media outlets have the balls to run with a story like this...although I really don't know what they're afraid of. Sure, Obama has been known to associate with hatemongers and terrorists, slumlords and racists, but what do they think he'll do to THEM if they report the truth?



Floorrunner said...

I makes much more sense now, especially his stance on healthcare was so much closer to Hillary's. It would not surprise me if Obama blackmailed him.

Anonymous said...

You make this accusation on the basis of what?

SmartAssProducts said...

I make this accusation on the basis that:

. Obama is a pathological liar
. Obama has hung around with DREADFUL, horrible people for decades (anti-American/racist preachers, slumlords, terrorists, money launderers, etc.)
. Obama will stop at nothing to get into the White House--which will definitely please all the tyrants from foreign countries who desperately want him there
. Edwards should have endorsed Clinton...there is no RATIONAL reason for him to support the VASTLY INFERIOR Obama. None.

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