Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Michael Vick animal cruelty/dogfighting case--update on the dogs

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Last year, the public was stunned and appalled by the revelation that scumbag, spineless, nutless, former NFL player Michael Vick was involved in a huge dogfighting operation. Those of us who've been involved in animal rights, animal rescue, animal welfare, pet adoption, etc., were saddened by the news...but not surprised by it. We've recognized for years that scumbag pieces of shit like Michael Vick exist in this world and that they actually get pleasure out of seeing innocent animals abused.

After the revelations about Michael Vick and his sick cohorts became public knowledge, we were pleased to see the overwhelming outcry from the public demanding, among other things, that the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL immediately and irrevocably ban him from football, and that the companies whose products he endorsed immediately cancel their contracts with him. And it worked. He is now a sad footnote in the history of the NFL, and his name cannot be spoken without invoking the memory of his participation in the extreme cruelty that is dogfighting. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison--not NEARLY long enough, as far as I'm concerned--and ordered to pay almost a million dollars for the care of the remaining dogs. I hope he enjoys burning in hell, because that's what he will ultimately have to deal with.

But what about the dogs? Sadly, one was too aggressive to be rehabilitated and another was too sick and in pain to be saved, so they were humanely euthanized--which is more than can be said about how previous dogs were killed at the hands of Vick and his disgusting pals. Of the remaining 47 dogs, some went to foster homes and others went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. There are updates on several sites, including this one on WashingtonPost.com, this one on NationalGeographic.com, and this one directly from Best Friends.

This Friday, September 5, at 9pm, on National Geographic Channel, the season premiere of Dogtown will air. This episode follows the progress of some of the rescued Vick dogs as they adjust to a normal life on the grounds of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I hope you'll join me in watching this show...and I also hope you'll join me in donating to Best Friends to help with their ongoing good work.

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