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Right-wingers embracing Hillary Clinton supporters...who could've known?!

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I've been a member of almost since its inception in February of this year. We came together as die-hard Hillary supporters who needed an Obamabot-free place to talk after the Obamabots essentially ruined the original blog system on They routinely--as in, every few seconds--flooded the blogs with cut and paste jobs of Obamessiah propaganda, thereby pushing legitimate posts down and overloading the system. Thankfully, someone decided to take the situation into his own hands and was born.

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Over the months we've gotten to know each other very well, including--for a lot of us--in real life. Here in the Los Angeles area we've met up for Hillary rallies, fundraisers, brainstorming sessions, and more. Many of us headed to Denver to protest the faux convention put on by the unDemocratic party as they carried out the coronation of their selected candidate, Barack Hussein Obama. We made the national news! Yes, reluctantly and insultingly, the mainstream media reported on the PUMA movement, at least acknowledging that it's for real.

In the last few days, though, the most unlikely thing has happened--we now have the attention of numerous right-wing groups. Shocking, I know! Apparently, after we started getting exposure in the national press, Republicans and others came by to see what all the fuss was about.

For example, there's a post right now on about us: The Hillary Clinton Forum: We're Voting McCain/Palin Now. I'm glad to see we're getting the attention of other people who are also supporting McCain, but I'm a little dismayed that they don't necessarily get what we're about. In this post, for example, the author makes several incorrect statements:

"So, you may be asking yourself: is the Sarah Palin pick going to move any Hillary voters over to John McCain? To answer that question, I headed over (after being told about a link at Right Wing Sparkle) to the Hillary Clinton forum and looked at a thread called "Sarah Palin is McCain's VP selection!!"

So, let's see if Hill's fans are all sticking with Barry or if some of them are swayed at all by McCain's selection of Palin...."

Note this: "let's see if Hill's fans are all sticking with Barry..." Um, if this guy had been around for the past seven months, he'd KNOW that we are not now, nor were we EVER, "sticking with Barry." Perish the thought. As I said, I've been there nearly since its inception, and I can state unequivocally that we have NEVER been "sticking with Barry." (Ugh...the very thought makes me feel a little sick.) We're as anti-Obama as you're likely to find.

He goes on to paste in some comments from our members, regarding McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as VP, and then says:

"PS: There is now a user/pass to get access to the forum. Sadly, it's too late to protect Barry from embarrassment, because I already have the comments."

Well, that's a problem, too--for several reasons.

The board owner had to implement a "registered user only" requirement because THOUSANDS of guests appeared [after some national publicity], and he was concerned about overloading the system. By requiring registration, that automatically reduces the number of people viewing the forum at one time. In fact, he even had to temporarily disable new members, again because of worries about overloading the system.

But the bigger problem with his statement, "Sadly, it's too late to protect Barry from embarrassment, because I already have the comments," is that he doesn't GET that we have nothing to do with "protecting Barry from embarrassment." Quite the contrary! We've worked long and hard to bring the TRUTH about Obama into the public's view, but it's hard...really hard...when the mainstream media won't allow anything negative about their messiah. We've been at the forefront of tracking down Barry Soetoro's school records from Indonesia, which plainly and clearly list him as an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro, and his religion as Islam. PROTECT Obama from embarrassment? Um, no, not us.

We're PROUDLY and LOUDLY anti-Obama, and have been all along. We've been following the Plan A: Clinton. Plan B: McCain. Obama? NEVER! plan for months:

Plan A: Clinton. Plan B: McCain. Obama? NEVER!
It would be nice if the folks on the other side could at least get straight that we are, and have been, anti-Obama AND that we decided months ago to support McCain, so his choice of Palin--for most of us, anyway--had NOTHING to do with our decision to vote McCain in November. I guess it bothers me because there's this common misconception, both in the mainstream media and, apparently, also in right-wing/Republican circles, that we were supporting Hillary ONLY BECAUSE she's a woman and that we're now moving to McCain ONLY BECAUSE Palin is a woman. WRONG. Wrong...wrong...wrong...

We're supporting McCain, and now Palin, because we realized a long time ago that Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA Barry Obama, AKA Barack Dunham, etc., is a dangerous, largely unknown commodity. We've known for months that he has made terrible decisions in his personal life, i.e., associating with terrorists and anti-American racists. We figured out a long time ago that he is not only a fraud, but a DANGEROUS fraud.

On the other hand, while most of us do not agree with McCain's stance on a number of issues, we recognize him for what he is: An American hero, an honorable man, and an experienced man with 40+ years' worth of proven service to the country we love, America.

Obama...who knows where his allegiance is? It certainly isn't America--this is the bozo we've written about before who doesn't know he's supposed to put his hand over his heart during the playing of the AMERICAN national anthem. (See this post for sources.) He's the dolt who removed the American flag from his campaign plane. He's the unpatriotic idiot who refused to wear an American flag lapel pin--until getting so much pressure he finally relented. He's the moron who spent twenty years attending a seethingly anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic church.

THAT'S why we're supporting McCain, not because he chose a woman as his running mate. Please don't patronize us by jumping to incorrect conclusions about our motivations. Get it now?



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