Monday, July 06, 2009

Boycott Ringling Brothers circus

UPDATE -- IMPORTANT Take a look at this undercover video that shows Ringling Bros circus "trainers" beating elephants: Ringling Brothers Circus beats animals. If you're a Twitter member, please sign this petition asking the USDA to rescue the elephants! And, for heaven's sake, DO NOT ATTEND CIRCUSES.

Begin original post:

I saw an ad tonight for Ringling Bros circus--they're coming to southern California for numerous engagements in July and August. It's hard to believe, but there still aren't any laws against the horrific cruelty to animals inherent in circuses. Despite fines and public outcries, circuses continue exploiting wild/exotic animals for profit. They don't care that wild animals such as elephants, tigers, and lions belong in the wild, not held in tiny cages or chained so they can't get away, and forced to perform unnatural, idiotic acts.

It's unconscionable that circuses are still allowed to abuse, mistreat, and exploit animals for their own financial gain. But until enough people boycott circuses and speak out against them, things will never change. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND CIRCUSES. Only when circuses realize that their cruelty hasn't gone unnoticed will they change their ways.

If you're in the SoCal area and want to do something toward putting an end to this abuse, please show up at any of the Ringling Bros venues; bring picket signs, t-shirts, anything you can think of with anti-circus messages on them. matter where you live, if a circus is coming to town please boycott it! You can check the Ringling tour schedule here.

These are our favorites for picketing circuses; select any of the images to see and/or buy these designs on various products:


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