Saturday, July 11, 2009

Announcing our Squidoo lens

Despite having signed up for a Squidoo account back in 2007, we never got around to doing anything with it until yesterday. It's definitely a work in progress and not the most amazing Squidoo lens ever published [yet!], but it's fun working on it. Please drop in and take a look:'s Squidoo lens.

One of its modules is called Duel, as in battle it out. I wanted to add it but wasn't sure what question to ask that would provoke votes and comments...and then I quickly remembered how much fun I've had over the years debating abortion rights. So that's it! We're asking this question: Are you pro-choice or anti-choice?. Since our lens is brand new and isn't getting any traffic yet, this may turn out to be a rather dull debate, but whatever. :) You can both vote and comment, so it's a great opportunity for those passionate about abortion rights/reproductive rights to express themselves.


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