Monday, July 13, 2009

Microsoft announces free web-based version of Office

So I just read that Micro$oft is offering a free web-based version of their bloated, expensive office suite, Office. My question: who cares?

Anyone with any sense should dump all Micro$oft products and switch to open source. Download a FREE Linux distro, such as the beautiful, easy to use Ubuntu, and then download the FREE office suite, Open Office and you're good to go.

Now you'll want additional software, so go grab yourself some or all of these:

. For graphics, the GIMP can't be beat--for most users. If you're a professional who's used to Photoshop, you may find some features/functions missing, but for most users the GIMP offers all they're likely to need.

. For downloading, editing, organizing and viewing digital photos, my personal favorite is digiKam.

. For instant messaging, Pidgin is extremely versatile. Pidgin can connect to many chat networks at one time, including: AIM, MSN, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo! and more.

. For all office-related tasks, including spreadsheets, databases, word processing, presentations, etc., the aforementioned Open Office has it all.

Here's an excellent resource of Linux alternatives to Windows software: The Linux Alternative Project.

Even if you choose to use windoze you can still dump their bloated, over-priced software and switch to free alternatives as listed above.

Why not stop pouring your hard-earned money into the Microsoft machine? Stop the endless upgrading to newer--more expensive--hardware every time an OS "upgrade" comes out. Stop the crashes, slowness, viruses, adware, malware, and constant rebooting that go along with using Windows. Switch to Linux and other open source products and find out how great it feels to be completely in charge of your computers. Treat yourself to the power, security, and stability of Linux. You'll be glad you did!


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