Monday, August 17, 2009

Our anti-dogfighting, anti-Michael Vick products are selling like crazy


Please visit our shops for an assortment of anti-Vick merchandise including t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats and a lot more:

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UPDATE 11/18/10: The following post is very old. Please see this much more recent one, which includes an article that appeared in the LA Times having to do with Mel, one of the abused dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dogfighting operation, and how he still suffers years later from his abuse.

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Ever since the extremely disappointing decision by the Philadelphia Eagles to sign convicted dog torturer and killer Michael Vick, our shops have been hit by query after query for anti-Michael Vick/anti-dogfighting merchandise. We're thrilled to see the public responding so swiftly and decisively to show their anger and dismay at Vick's return to the NFL.

BY FAR, the design that's selling the most is this one:

Anti-Michael Vick merchandise on CafePress Anti-Michael Vick merchandise on Zazzle Anti-Michael Vick merchandise on Printfection

Looks like people are buying anti-Vick merchandise to wear/carry when showing up to protest NFL games he plays in. Good!

Now that we're branching out to other print-on-demand sites, rather than putting 100% into CafePress, we have a lot more products available, but they're kind of spread out! If you're looking for anti-Michael Vick/anti-dogfighting merchandise, please take a moment to look at our animal-related sections on:

CafePress | Printfection | Zazzle

As for Michael Vick and the character repair tour he's on...I don't know. I would LOVE to find out that all the remorse he's displaying, all the shame and disgust he says he now feels about what he did to those defenseless animals, are real. But I personally find it hard to imagine how a person who two years ago--and for many years prior--was actively involved in unspeakable cruelty to dogs, including killing them by extremely inhumane methods, can suddenly have such a remarkable GENUINE turnabout. I guess only time will tell what his real motives are.


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