Thursday, June 10, 2010

Courage, the dog: Abuser's preliminary hearing coming up

If you're in Southern California and want to see justice done for a horribly abused dog, please try to attend the abuser's preliminary hearing on June 15 at Bellflower Superior Court.

The abuser, Kimberly Nizato, starved Courage, a German Shepherd Dog, to the brink of death. Desperate for food he actually ate dirt to try to stay alive. She did not provide food or water, and kept him confined in a cage. When he was rescued in April he weighed only 37 pounds and was too weak to stand up; I'm happy to report that he is now nearing 80 pounds and is with a loving new family.

Nizato was released on $20,000 bail--not NEARLY enough, in my humble opinion. I'm afraid that it's a sign of a much too lenient sentence to come. We cannot let this vicious monster get off lightly.

If you attend the hearing, whether you're inside or outside of the courtroom, please be polite and respectful, but make clear why you're there--to speak up for Courage, since he cannot speak for himself.


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