Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windows losers and all the money they waste

Linux, computing, anti-windows merchandise at SmartAssProducts.comI touched on this topic in a previous post, but thought it deserves its own post, so here goes.

Every time I see an ad for a service like:

I'm struck by how extraordinarily STUPID and/or ignorant windows users are! As a Linux user--and someone who started in computing on UNIX--I just don't understand how so many people can be so stupid and/or ignorant.

Windows losers throw good money after bad, signing up for services like those noted above, and dealing with issues they've come to think of as just part of their daily computing experience. But...why?! It's such a shame that they're unaware of, or too afraid to try, the vastly superior alternative that is Linux.

Apparently, people who use Windows think that adware, malware, spyware, viruses, bloatware, constant rebooting--for everything from installing software to recovering from yet another BSOD (blue screen of death, lockup, etc.)--and constantly paying for upgrades is just part of using computers. They're oh so wrong.

When you use an intelligent operating system, like Linux, you're free of the ridiculous nonsense that goes hand in hand with using Microsoft products. For example, there's no such thing as disk fragmentation; adware/malware/viruses and so on are virtually unheard of; the system cannot be brought down by outside attacks, as windows can, while being used by regular users; etc. Please refer to my earlier post for more info.

But because windows users think all that garbage is a normal part of using computers, they're constantly caught in a cycle of frustration and trying to figure out how to get things back to "normal" (whatever that is, when you're using a crappy OS!). And so they end up paying for services that promise to make their PC run fast again and to clean out all the junk their computer has acquired. Idiots!

Seriously, instead of wasting money on services/software that do nothing but put a band-aid on the actual problem, why not get rid of the problem? The problem is windows. Wake up, windows users! You've got a great alternative that is safer, more stable, more versatile, can be customized to YOUR liking (and if you think windows already lets you do that, you're showing your ignorance; see this post about the amazing things you can do with Linux running the KDE desktop environment for a glimpse at what you're missing), more powerful, and won't slow down to a crawl every few months. Reinstall the OS? Um, no, we don't waste time doing that--because unlike windoze the operating system doesn't get bogged down with garbage, therefore there is no need to reinstall it every few months. Registry errors? No such thing--Linux is intelligent, there is no registry, hence no registry errors.

Here's a short list of some Linux distros you might want to try; there are literally hundreds of Linux distributions out there, but these are among the most popular and well known. If you ever have questions or need any help, there are forums, newsgroups, IRC channels and more filled with knowledgeable Linux users just waiting to help--for FREE. I start with Kubuntu Linux because it's my personal favorite, and while I am not a windoze transitioner I recommend it to those who are. Its interface is truly so self-explanatory that anyone should be able to plunge right in and start using it efficiently.

Linux Mint
Debian/GNU Linux
RedHat Enterprise


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