Sunday, April 10, 2011

Windows trolls on Linux forums

Buy Linux merchandiseI read an amusing post on the Ubuntu Forums the other day and couldn't help responding sarcastically. The thing is, windoze trolls are a common sight on all Linux-related places such as forums, newsgroups, etc., so it's not like I'm unaccustomed to seeing them pop up now and again.

Well, this one comes along and posts, under the subject of "total beginner":

"Forgive me if I am treading on techy toes but I though Ubuntu was supposed to be easy. I have spent two days trying to install it and have decided Windows is far easier and far superior - it does what it says on the box! I may not be a big fan of Windows but at least I can use it - does anyone know an easy way to install Ubuntu. I used it a couple of years or so back and it was simple but now it just does not work and that does not bode well for a system and its followers that seem to now wrap themselves up in geekspeak! Can we have plain Englsh please!"

So after this part, "I have spent two days trying to install it and have decided Windows is far easier and far superior - it does what it says on the box!", I replied:

"Really? When did they put on the box 'gets infested with malware, adware, spyware and viruses, crashes constantly, needs to be rebooted after the most trivial things, like installing an application, and requires continual upgrading of hardware every time a new version is released'? I didn't know Micro$oft had become that honest!"

That got me to thinking: The windoze trolls who come along and spew their garbage about how windows does what it says, or works out of the box, or whatever, do they REALLY mean that? Do Microsoft boxes now include statements about how their [so-called] operating system inevitably becomes overrun by viruses, adware, spyware, malware, pop-ups, bloatware, and disk fragmentation that slow it down to a crawl? Do they now acknowledge that the user will probably have to spend extra money buying "protection" such as anti-virus software, or pay for services like, and No? Why am I not surprised!

The morons who flock to sites like the above because their computers have slowed down to a crawl should be aware of something: THERE'S A FUCKING ALTERNATIVE! It's called Linux. Its file structure is intelligent, having been modeled on the rock-solid, stable, secure UNIX operating system that's been around for 40+ years, and has been used for mission-critical applications ever since. The Linux file system is a thing of beauty--and security.

For one thing, there is no such thing as "disk fragmentation" in UNIX/Linux. That's because, unlike windoze, *nix handles its disk writing intelligently, so you don't end up with fragments of files spread out all over the drive.

For another, while it's certainly possible for a UNIX/Linux system to be hit by a virus, it's extraordinarily unlikely if its system administrator keeps a tight ship. Regular users do not have the permissions/authority to add, delete, modify, or overwrite system files; the worst a virus can do, if it's contracted by a regular user, is affect that user's personal space and, hey!, you're supposed to have good backups anyway, so that shouldn't really be an issue. But a virus cannot bring down a whole *nix system...unless someone is stupid enough to be logged in as root when they contract something with the ability to write system files.

So while companies that promise to "fix registry errors" and "speed up my PC!" are raking in the dough, intelligent computer users know that they have a vastly superior, more secure, more stable, FREE alternative, and its name is Linux. Instead of throwing good money after bad to companies that basically put band-aids on an inferior operating system--and its inherent, recurring problems--why not switch to an OS that's not only light-years ahead in terms of security but is also free?

Here's a short list of some Linux distros you might want to try; there are literally hundreds of Linux distributions out there, but these are among the most popular and well known. If you ever have questions or need any help, there are forums, newsgroups, IRC channels and more filled with knowledgeable Linux users just waiting to help--for FREE. I start with Kubuntu Linux because it's my personal favorite, and while I am not a windoze transitioner I recommend it to those who are. Its interface is truly so self-explanatory that anyone should be able to plunge right in and start using it efficiently.

Linux Mint
Debian/GNU Linux
RedHat Enterprise


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