Sunday, February 10, 2008

I may be voting Republican this year!

Yeah, well, I've done it before and fully expected to do it again at some point: I may vote Republican this November. The more I hear and see of Obama and the ridiculous, unjustified worship he's receiving, the more I can't stand him. I've long admired John McCain because--unlike the cowardly deserter CURRENTLY in the White House--he's a real veteran...not just a veteran, but a true war hero. I know that he's a decent man, and he has plenty of experience in politics. If it comes down to choosing between ODrama and McCain, I do believe I'll be casting my vote for McCain.

Looking for anti-Obama merchandise?

Of course, I'm less than thrilled with McCain's recent "100 years" remark about Iraq, and I will have to weigh that and some of his other beliefs before really deciding whether to vote for him. But right now, I simply can't stomach the idea of voting for Obama...

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