Monday, February 18, 2008

Let's add plagiarism to Obama's [long?] list of accomplishments

Today's charges of plagiarism against Obama didn't come as any surprise to most Hillary Clinton followers, as we've recognized for a long time OUR candidate's words and plans slightly changed around and claimed as Obama's own. So when the Clinton camp accused Obama of plagiarizing lines from a speech given last year by Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick--and posting videos to prove it--we weren't surprised at all. Of course, the Obama-ites (otherwise known as Obama cult members) who are blindly following this unqualified man because...because...well, we don't know why they're following him, but at any rate they're trying to deny the charges, even though there's ample proof and Obama himself can't deny them.
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While the poor Obama-ites--who are unable to see through their rose-colored glasses--may not see plagiarism as a problem, we do! People who are blindly supporting this unqualified man because of his "mesmerizing" speeches need to realize that his ideas are not his own...and neither are his words.

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Pollie Sigh said...

The best example of his "plagiarism" is his mantra about "change" which he took from his buddy who he helped campaign for the office of President of Kenya who has since been accused of mass genocide.

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