Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I feel just like I did in 1972

In 1972, I was too young to vote but I volunteered to work for the McGovern campaign, as I couldn't imagine another Nixon term. I was stunned at the support Nixon had all across the country...absolutely baffled at how so many people could be SO WRONG and SO BLIND. I remember watching in horror as the election results came in and Nixon won a second term by a landslide. It wasn't until August of 1974 when Nixon was forced to resign, as his crooked VP Spiro Agnew already had, that I felt vindicated.
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Today I find the same feelings of disbelief as people jump on the Obama bandwagon. I'm stunned that so many people can be so stupid, blind, shortsighted, and fooled by rhetoric [that isn't even his own!]. My only hope now is that some miracle happens and Clinton pulls out the nomination...but if that doesn't occur, I'm voting for McCain.

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