Monday, February 25, 2008

Vegan ballet shoes

As a long time ethical vegetarian (and animal rights activist and compassionate consumer), and a former ballet student and lifelong balletomane, I'm occasionally asked if I know a source for vegan dance shoes. I've seen some here and there, and I've even heard that it's possible for the big, well-known manufacturers to custom-make vegan shoes for ballet dancers, but I've come upon a web site that sells vegan ballet shoes and I'm so impressed I wanted to post about it!

From the Cynthia King Dance Studio web site:

"When Cynthia King, (dancer, choreographer, teacher) could not find an affordable vegan ballet slipper made in the USA, she visited the renowned dance shoe maker Jim Brown of Brooklyn and asked him if he would consider manufacturing a ballet slipper for her and her students. He agreed and together they created the beautiful CKDS Ballet Slipper with polished canvas uppers and synthetic suede soles.

Dancers at the studio love them. They are supple and durable and can be easily dyed for costuming. They look beautiful and of course they are the compassionate choice.

Please take a look at these shoes and consider them when you're ready for a new pair of ballet shoes; they're $25 plus shipping (which is only $5 in the US). Right now, they're only making ballet flats but are considering adding vegan pointe shoes--so take a moment and let them know you'd be interested in supporting them. Those of us who are compassionate consumers and truly care about animals, and are also dancers/dance students, have something to cheer about with these vegan flats, and it'll only get better if they add vegan pointes!

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