Thursday, February 28, 2008

UT Austin paper endorses Clinton--good news for me personally!

My daughter and I have always been on the same page politically, so imagine my shock and horror at finding out that she and her husband have fallen for Mr Barack "All hype, no substance" Obama and his empty rhetoric (that's been copied nearly verbatim from Hillary Clinton).

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I'm not sure if I was more hurt or disappointed at her decision. Hurt, yes, because--although she was brought up with a clear sense of the importance of the feminist movement--she seems to have forgotten, or else she doesn't care, how hard women had to work to get to the point we are today, and supporting a female who is FAR MORE QUALIFIED than her male opponent seems like a natural for someone brought up in a non-sexist household. Disappointed, yes, that too, because Obama is all hype and no substance, and I would expect her to want more from a candidate. But she's made up her mind so we have to agree to disagree politically for the first time in her life.

Well, imagine my delight when I read on last night that the University of Texas at Austin's paper, The Daily Texan, has endorsed Clinton. Why am I so happy? Because this is not just the paper of my daughter and son-in-law's alma mater, but it's the very paper they WORKED ON while students there. :D I hope that doesn't make me a bad mother...

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