Sunday, February 24, 2008

Republicans are voting for Obama--and here's why

I recently tried explaining to a misguided relative [who's inexplicably come under the Obama cult spell] that Republicans are voting for Obama now in order to pit him against McCain in November. This poor misguided relative either didn't want to hear it, couldn't accept it, or thought it didn't matter...he couldn't grasp what I was saying. I think he's representative of most Obama-ites, as when I questioned him about WHY he's supporting Obama, his response was so similar to other people's I've heard it was almost scary. It was like he was reading from a script--the same script all Obama-ites have been handed: "He can bring the country together...he's such a powerful speaker...he has a way of uniting people...blah blah blah..."
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When pressed as to what exactly Obama's qualifications are--I acted like Chris Matthews grilling Kirk Watson!--and specifically asking about Obama's legislative accomplishments, this misguided relative was as stumped as Watson had been. When I explained that Obama's ideas/plans are actually Hillary Clinton's reworded slightly, and that if he likes them he should be supporting the person who thought of them first, he just didn't get it.

Anyway, getting back to the Republicans voting for Obama issue, take a look at this: Republicans for Obama, calling for all Republicans and Independents in Texas to vote for Obama in its primary. Why? Because that could be the death knell of Clinton's campaign--but will have no effect on the Republican candidate. Since John McCain has already wrapped up the Republican nomination, there's no need for Republicans to bother turning out to vote for him in upcoming primaries; if they cast their vote for Obama, however, and he becomes the Democratic nominee, then in November they're free to vote for their real choice, McCain, and send Obama packing. But do the Obama cult members understand this? Nope. They're too far under the influence of their "charismatic" leader to understand what's really happening. McCain would likely lose to Clinton in November, while he'll likely beat Obama. But these idiots don't, or can't, see the writing on the wall. How pathetic.

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