Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Would you vote for a woman as unqualified as Barack Obama?

Here's the question we're asking on our latest anti-Obama merchandise line: "Would you vote for a woman as unqualified as Barack Obama?" Stop and think about that for a moment, okay?

It's clear that Obama has no qualifications [to speak of] that should convince people to support him for the presidency. Yet--as I've written about numerous times!--the Obama cult mentality that has swept the nation doesn't seem to care that he has no qualifications they can point to. So, as I've said before, if a woman dared have the audacity to run with the same [lack of] qualifications Obama has, she'd be laughed out of the race. No one would be jumping on her bandwagon, no one would be talking about the abstract 'change' she would supposedly bring about, the media would not be having an endless love affair with all things related to her...none of that would be happening. People would criticize and chastise her for having such an overblown opinion of herself that she actually thought she could run for president.

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So what's wrong with this picture? Obama, being male, is getting away with one of the most insane things I've ever seen, running on Hillary Clinton's platform, with just the slightest change of wording here and there to make it "his" platform...and people are buying it! If they like what they're hearing from Obama, they ought to be supporting Clinton, since she's the one who thought of all that stuff. Instead, they're deluding themselves into believing that this one term senator will somehow magically bring about 'change' that'll make everything all better...

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