Thursday, March 06, 2008

Howard Dean and the DNC, I hope you're listening

As should be pretty clear by now, I cannot stand Oblahma and cannot fathom how so many [clueless] people could have fallen for his hype. Sooooo...instead of repeating myself [like Obama does endlessly] I'll make this brief!

Looking for anti-Obama or pro-Hillary merchandise?

There is NO WAY that I will vote for this unqualified, media-hyped phony baloney. And you know what? There are LOTS of other Democrats who feel the same way. Some of them are planning on casting "protest votes" (i.e., voting for someone, such as Ralph Nader, or writing in Hillary Clinton, knowing full well that their vote is basically a throw-away), others are planning not to vote at all, and still others--like myself--are planning on voting for McCain. What we all have in common is an absolute refusal to vote for Obama.

Howard Dean and the DNC (Democrat National Committee) need to realize that we're serious about this, and if it costs us [Democrats] the election in November, so be it. ANYTHING would be a better outcome than having Obaminable in the White House. My suggestion to the DNC is that they figure out some way--soon--to make the votes from the Florida and Michigan primaries count, so as not to disenfranchise those states' voters, and that they give due weight to the fact that ALL of the major states (California, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, etc.) have voted for Clinton in their primaries.

If you'd like to add your voice to those of us who will not, under any circumstances, vote for Obama should he become the Democratic nominee, please head on over to this petition and sign it today. Encourage everyone you know to do the same. Perhaps, with enough input from the public, Dean and the DNC will wake up...before it's too late.

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