Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's true colors are shining through!

With all the recent revelations about Obama's true character being made public, it's hard to know where to start!

For one thing, it may be okay with Obama that his mentor/friend/preacher/adviser Jeremiah Wright wishes to "damn America!", but it's not okay with me. Luckily, a LOT of other Americans feel the same way, and it's showing in the hits our main site is getting and in the merchandise we're selling. It seems like the public now can't get enough of anti-Obama merchandise and pro-Hillary Clinton merchandise.

It's particularly gratifying to see REFORMED Obama-ites realizing the error of their ways and joining forces with the rest of us Hillary Clinton supporters. Although they appeared to be brain-dead and/or brainwashed when they were under the cult leader's spell, we're now finding that they do in fact have the ability to think for themselves. I guess it just takes breaking away from the cult for them to regain their sensibilities.

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Of course, there are still a lot of Obamabots who haven't seen the light...and that's definitely a mystery. What does it take to get these folks to see that Obama is a racist AND anti-American? You can try to justify his remaining a member of Wright's church--and a close friend of Wright--for twenty years, but what reasonable person can actually swallow any of those rationalizations? I mean, how do you explain away TWO DECADES attending a church where hatred and intolerance spew from its preacher's mouth?! No one in their right mind can truly believe that Obama was--miraculously!--absent EACH and EVERY time Wright spewed his hatred...can they?

For those who insist that it doesn't matter if Wright is anti-America and racist, because that doesn't mean Obama is, sorry, but you're wrong. When a person CHOOSES to continue associating with an angry, hate-filled man like Jeremiah Wright, AND selects this man to baptize his children, act as his personal spiritual adviser, etc., it DOES matter. It matters because there is no way that Obama could have been in the dark about Wright's beliefs. It matters because--at ANY TIME during those 20 years--Obama could have stood up for his beliefs [if they were different from Wright's!], decried the hatred and intolerance Wright espoused, and quit attending that church. But he didn't. And that speaks volumes about his character--and his beliefs.

We find it laughable that even now, die-hard Obama-ites, such as Bill Richardson, are using the line they've been programmed to recite: Obama is "a once-in-a-lifetime leader...Above all, you will be a president who brings this nation together." (Excuse me while I gag.) Is he fucking serious?! Yeah, right, this man who has spent twenty YEARS agreeing with anti-white and anti-American sentiments is going to unite us. Is anyone REALLY that stupid?!

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