Sunday, March 16, 2008

What lie will Obama tell next?

I mentioned yesterday that rumor had it there was proof Barack Obama had been present at Jeremiah Wright's hate-filled "sermons"--despite his protests denying his presence--and today we have it! Here you go--and I NEVER thought I'd be citing for anything, but they're all I've got right now--although I'm sure that will change. With this latest disgusting, disgraceful revelation about Obama, surely the ultra-pro-Obama-biased mainstream media will HAVE to talk about it...right? Here's the article in its entirety, and I strongly suggest that you read it, all of it. It's too long and too detailed to break down into little snippets here, so please take the time to read the whole thing.

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I can only hope that the Kool-Aid swigging Obama-ites who have blindly followed this man of "hope" and "change" will now see what they're ACTUALLY supporting--a man who has aligned himself for TWENTY YEARS with a hate-mongering, anti-America, anti-white, anti-gay, anti-female "uncle." This "uncle" has had such an important role in Obama's life that he got the inspiration for his book's title from him. (Has Obama EVER had an original thought?!)

Now that the truth has come out and Obama was, in fact, present while Wright preached his hatred, we're left to wonder: What lie will Obama tell next? How is he going to lie...or bluff...or "I agree with Senator Clinton!" his way out of this...

If Hillary Clinton had been attending KKK meetings religiously for the past 20 years, including building a CLOSE personal relationship with the grand poobah (or whatever they're called), relying on him as an "uncle" and a spiritual adviser, you'd better BELIEVE that once that became public knowledge she would be forced to drop out of the campaign.

Why is there a double standard when a black man attends a racist church? Is racism okay as long as it's coming FROM blacks AGAINST whites? Would anyone believe Hillary if, in the hypothetical scenario I mentioned above, she now claimed to be unaware of the hatred her "uncle" had been preaching for 20 years? Would the public let that get swept under the rug? I DON'T THINK SO!

Obama needs to drop out of the race now; only then can we HOPE that this sad part of American history will fade into the shadows along with the unqualified man who was given hero worship he didn't deserve. Obama can go off with his pals Louis Farrakhan--the Jew hater, Tony Rezko--the crook, Al Sharpton--the divisive "reverend," Jeremiah Wright--the racist, white-hating, America-hating, gay-hating, woman-hating "uncle," and any other lowlifes he calls friends/advisers. With any luck, we'll never have to hear about oBLAHma again. That's what I call REAL change.

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KAP said...

Newsmax got it wrong. Obama was in Miami on July 22.

I guess all black people look alike to Newsmax.

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