Saturday, May 17, 2008

Did hell freeze over?!

Did hell freeze over and someone forgot to tell me? What, you're asking? Here's the deal: It NEVER occurred to me, not even in my wildest dreams, that I would find myself agreeing with anything coming out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth...but it's happened. So, like I said, did hell freeze over?

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It's come to my attention (no, I don't actually listen to Rush Limbaugh), that Limbaugh has stated a list of things regarding Barack Hussein Obama that we can't talk about. And, by "we," I mean anyone who isn't a Kool-Aid swigging Obamabot. Here's the list in its entirety; go ahead, see if you don't agree too!

Things You Can't Say About Obama

"With Obama we started out, we couldn't talk about his big ears 'cause that made him nervous. We've gone from that to this: Not only can we not mention his ears...

We can't talk about his mother.

We can't talk about his father.

We can't talk about his grandmother unless he does, brings her up as a "typical white person."

We can't talk about his wife, can't talk about his preacher, can't talk about his terrorist friends, can't talk about his voting record, can't talk about his religion.

We can't talk about appeasement.

We can't talk about color; we can't talk about lack of color.

We can't talk about race. We can't talk about bombers and mobsters who are his friends. We can't talk about schooling. We can't talk about his name, "Hussein."

We can't talk about his lack of experience. Can't talk about his income. Can't talk about his flag pin.

This started out we can't call him a liberal.

It started out we just couldn't talk about his ears.

Now we can't say anything about him."

Go, Rush! (Never thought I'd be saying that, either.)

In addition to the items Limbaugh iterated, I can think of a few others:

. We can't talk about the nauseating pro-Obama bias in the media.

. We can't talk about why his wife's thesis was taken down from her university's web site.

. We can't talk about why his wife had never been proud of America before until her husband ran for president.

. We can't talk about the New Black Panther Party endorsement that was posted on Obama's official site...and then mysteriously disappeared.

. We can't talk about Louis Farrakhan.

. We can't talk about him giving the finger to Hillary Clinton during a speech in North Carolina. (Didn't that look presidential?)

. We can't talk about how woefully unable to speak in a coherent manner he is without a TelePrompTer handy to feed him one of his "articulate, eloquent" speeches.

. We can't talk about Michelle Obama's full-length mink coat (which shows their character when it comes to not caring about animals).

. Perhaps worst of all, we can't in any way question his qualifications (actually, his lack thereof) without being accused of being racist.

Guess what? I'm HAPPY to hear that someone, anyone, even if it is Rush Limbaugh, has the fucking balls to bring out the ridiculous "rules" of this new kind of campaign. It's about time.


Anonymous said...

Let's start a list of things we can't talk about Rush Limbaugh.
1.His big, fat stomach.
2. His wrap sheet
3. His good friend Sean Hannity's ears are about as big as Dumbos.
3. His drug habit
4. The fact that he's a racist.
5. The fact that he uses escort services to get "dates"
6. He can't get it up.
7. He's addicted to Viagra.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it seems to me we have talked about some of this stuff to death, it is not that we cannot talk about it, it is that everyting on this list has been discussed for weeks and weeks and the majority of us are sick of hearing about it. This kind of crap does not fix the problems we have here in the United States it reduces the conversation about our real problems to 30 second sound bites. The media needs to talk about the issues, and start sticking to the facts, personally I am tired of the faux news that is put out on the airwaves everyday.

Jason M. said...

This is for the anonymous person criticizing Limbaugh.

1. Limbaugh never said you couldn't talk about him. He even admitted to most of thes things.
2. When did Sean say that you can't talk about my ears.
3. How is Limbaugh a Racist. His call screener is Black.
4. How do you know he uses an escort service to get dates. And why would he need to. Even if he did what is wrong with using one?
5. A lot of men his age have problems with E.D.
6. He has admitted to being addicted to Viagra before and has gotten help for it.

Sound to me like you just want to attack a man that will state the truth about a man with no real experience being a politician.

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