Sunday, May 11, 2008

Racist if you're pro-Hillary...but not sexist if you're pro-Obama?

Like anyone with a functioning brain, I'm left wondering what's up with the "race card" being played by the Obama camp, whether directly or via his mouthpieces, such as the mainstream media and his cult followers/thugs. Why is it that when one supports Hillary Clinton--the vastly superior and more qualified candidate, who happens to be female and white--they're racist, but if one supports Obama--the woefully inferior and horribly unqualified candidate, who happens to be male and half black--they're not sexist?

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Let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly, okay? Hillary Clinton has decades of proven experience, including working for the less fortunate, working for women's and children's rights and welfare, and working for the good of the general public. She has massive knowledge about economics, world politics, and much more. When her supporters talk about why we support her, it's easy! We can iterate any number of concrete, tangible accomplishments spanning many decades. This is why we're supporting her, not because she's white.

On the other hand, ask any Obamabot why they're supporting their cult leader, and you know what you get? Standard, pre-fab replies! For example, "He represents HOPE!", "He's all about CHANGE!", and "He's so articulate!" (Excuse me while I lose my lunch. *GAG*) What those cult members absolutely cannot do is list his accomplishments. That's because...there really aren't any.

Unless you consider taking money from slumlords like Tony Rezko--while his tenants shivered through winter without heat--an accomplishment. Or voting 'present' on tough issues instead of having the balls to vote for or against them. Or failing to vote 41% of the time during the current Congress (as opposed to 30% for Hillary Clinton). Or attending a church for two decades where hatred, intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism are wildly applauded as they're spewed by its hatemongering preacher. Now, if THOSE things qualify as accomplishments to be proud of, and that warrant supporting someone for president, okay, that would make sense...but what kind of IDIOT would want that?

After forcing myself to look at the vile, ignorant comments at UNDemocraticUnderground lately, I was hit by how many Obamabots claim that Hillary supporters are racist. What I'd love to hear is how they've come to that conclusion. But...there's one problem with that: They're incapable of rational, individual thought. Therefore, they're unable to see/grasp that their cult leader is full of shit but not much else, and they have nothing left to do but bash us for being racist because they're too ignorant--and stupid--to understand the truth. There's nothing RACIST about choosing a superior candidate. Too bad the Obama cult, collectively, doesn't have enough functioning gray matter to understand that.

As for that "articulate" know who else was articulate? Ted Bundy. He was suave, intelligent, articulate, and very charismatic. He was also a serial killer, claiming more than 30 lives before he was executed. Then there was Jim Jones. He, too, was charismatic, articulate, and could convince people to do his bidding, even when that involved insane requests. But nearly 1,000 dead bodies don't lie. They drank the Kool-Aid...Obamabots still have time to say, "No thanks!" to theirs.

So to all the Obama cult members who insist on citing their leader's being articulate as a reason to support him for president: IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. By the way, Ted Bundy and Jim Jones (and many other notorious people) were articulate without the help of a TelePrompTer...

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