Sunday, May 04, 2008

Who's buying this shit?! Obama vs. Wright...nothing but an act

Here's a rhetorical question: Is anyone actually naive (stupid?) enough to believe that the supposed war of words between Barack Hussein Obama and his LONGTIME friend/pastor/spiritual advisor/mentor, Jeremiah Wright, is legitimate? As much as I'd like to give the masses more credit than that, when it comes to Obamabots...well, let's just say they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer. So, for their benefit, let me explain what's really happening here.

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After the truth about Obama's longtime pastor/friend/spiritual advisor/"uncle"/mentor, Jeremiah Wright, came to the attention of the general public, Obama made one of his [TelePrompTer-aided] "eloquent" speeches, this time about race. His cult members, er, followers, er, supporters, lapped it up! His "articulate" explanation [full of lies, to anyone with a working brain capable of processing what they're hearing] was all they needed to gloss over Obama's TWENTY YEAR association with the despicable Wright. But wait! It turns out they're not all that stupid/blind/naive!

No indeed. A lot of people, even die-hard Obamabots, actually started asking themselves some tough questions, such as "how does a man have such a close relationship with a pastor (including having him perform their wedding ceremony and baptize their children) for such a long time, and be so close to him that they call him their uncle, yet have no clue about his seething anti-white racism, his anti-America stance, his anti-Semitic beliefs, and so on?" Once the effects of the Kool-Aid started to wear off and they really started asking themselves questions like this, thank goodness a lot of them came to their senses.

So now you have Obama getting blasted for not having left the church at any point during those two decades, for not having severed his ties with Wright after learning of his extreme racism and hatred, and for failing to admit that he was present (even though words in his own book indicate otherwise) during ANY of the plethora of venomous "sermons" given by Wright over the years. Next thing you know, people are starting to bail from the Obama bandwagon! FINALLY, it seems, they're seeing the truth about him, about his character, and--most importantly of all--some of them are actually learning that he has no qualifications to be president. Hillary Clinton starts winning primary after primary, as more and more people see the light. What to do...what to do...

Then, LIKE A MIRACLE!, Obama and Wright have a very public falling out. Obama disowns Wright, Wright insults Obama, Obama denounces Wright, Wright says Obama is just another politician...etc. Then Obama gets to give yet another [TelePrompTer-aided] "eloquent" speech, this time making it very clear that he has severed ties with Wright and that he denounces Wright's teachings/preachings/beliefs. Oh, okay, I get it! Now we can ALL believe that Obama has been exonerated! Poor little misunderstood. It wasn't HIM who spewed those venomous anti-American and anti-white sermons, after all, it was his now-disowned former uncle! And see how NASTY that former uncle is? Just imagine, saying such wicked, horrid things about Barack! Of course Obama doesn't want anything to do with him ever again...and it's obviously terrible that he was so fooled, so...bamboozled by Wright for all those years. That's right, Obama is not the one at fault!

BULLSHIT. It's all an act, folks. It's a smokescreen devised by Obama and Wright to make Obama LOOK like the victim here instead of what he truly is, a grown man fully responsible for his own actions. And his actions speak volumes about his character...or, in his case, the lack thereof.

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Anonymous said...

Love this! It would almost be funny if it weren't so true.

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