Friday, July 11, 2008

My favorite pics/comics about Obama

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UPDATE 04/19/11: This image has gotten a lot of press--bad press-but I love it. It explains why Barack Hussein Obama can't produce a [United States] birth certificate:

Now, before anyone goes off on a "you're racist!" tangent, let's not lose sight of the fact that I used to laugh my fucking ass off at the "Bush or chimp" images that were all over the web:

Was that RACIST? No. It was just funny. And so is this.

UPDATE 03/25/11: After a long break, I've decided to add some more to the collection, but only because this post gets a lot of hits. If people are still interested in seeing funny, anti-Obama stuff, I'm more than happy to add to the collection. (Yes, I still DESPISE the moron. Yes, I'm still HIGHLY pissed that he robbed Hillary Clinton of her rightful place as the Democratic nominee--and President. Yes, he's still an incompetent buffoon who had zero qualifications to be POTUS.)

UPDATED 10/19/08 Adding a few more pics.

We've come across some funny (and some that are just plain telling) graphics about Obama lately, and thought we'd share some of our favorites.

UPDATED 08/24/08
Scroll down to see the original post; I'm too lazy to add commentary to most of the new pics right now, so I'm just slapping them in.

This first pic isn't funny at all--it shows unequivocally that Obama was registered in school as an Indonesian citizen whose religion was Islam--despite his FREQUENT lies that he has NEVER been a Muslim (click image for larger version):

Here's a nod to the DOCUMENTED LIES Obama told for years about his Born Alive Infants Protection Act votes:

Can you say EMPTY SUIT?

Click the image for a larger, readable version of "Obama's friends":

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Let's start with a "Google" search for Obama's experience:

Now, we all know how Obama throws people under the bus as needed, right? Well, here are a couple of good ones depicting the bus situation. Remember when Obama threw his grandmother under the bus? You know, when he referred to her as a "...typical white person who, uh, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know there's a reaction that's been bred into our experiences that don't go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way and that's just the nature of race in our society..."

Next is this interesting depiction of the Obama Flip-Flop Express:

Can't get enough of Obama's flip flops? FISA, guns, you go:

Now, how about some flags? American flags...not that Obama is pro-America or anything. Remember when Obama referred to the FIFTY-SEVEN states of America?: "I've now been in 57 states, I think--one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go staff could not justify it." 1> Still don't believe he said it? Here, watch him!:

So, here's a beautiful lapel pin made just for those braindead morons who actually support the imbecilic, anti-American Obama:

You know that now-famous picture of Barack Hussein Obama NOT holding his hand over his heart during the playing of the [American] National Anthem? Yes, this one:

According to the imbecile otherwise known as Obama, it wasn't necessary to hold his hand over his heart because it wasn't the Pledge of Allegiance. Um...yeah. (People are actually supporting this anti-American moron? Amazing.) According to US law, specifically TITLE 36, Subtitle I, Part A, Chapter Three, § 301, guess what? Unless you're in military uniform, you're supposed to put your right hand over your heart during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Of course, being the anti-American buffoon that Obama is...why am I surprised that he doesn't know this?

Then there's Obama's feelings about his supporters' money. You do recall, don't you?, when he said to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, "We don't need the people. We just need the checks." (Hey, Obamabots! That's what your great messiah thinks about you.)

How about a quick comparison of Barack Hussein Obama's youth vs that of John McCain:

Oh, did you hear about North Korea's communist leader, Kim Jong-il, endorsing Obama? Yes, it's true--just like Hamas, Castro, and Qaddafi. I can't help but wonder how Obama's cult, followers, feel about all these tyrants supporting their messiah. I also wonder why these endorsements don't make the Obamabots stop and think for a moment, "WHY do all these anti-American leaders want Obama in the White House?!" Now if Osama bin Laden would just come out of hiding and give Barack Hussein Obama his endorsement...

Speaking of Obama cult members:

...and what he thinks about America:

Here are some nice portraits of Obama:

Here's a nice pic of Obama's house:

...and Obama's new logo:

And, finally, a little more humor:

(Credit goes to the creators of each graphic above. I WISH I had created them, but I didn't.)



Anonymous said...

I could use a few of those pins to flag my 'support' for those 7 states that have yet to hold their primaries.

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

I loved all of those pics they were funny lol

Christina said...

Congrats, that jackson and obama pic just made it to yes to democracy's "PUMAs are racist pile." Way to represent your coalition!

Anonymous said...

and as soon as Christina points out how of your racist pics is racist, you take it down

are you not proud of your racism?

SmartAssProducts said...

Are you proud of being an idiot?! For your information, I responded to a request by a fellow board member from earlier today on; go look it up yourself if you'd like.

By the way, Obamamorons, can't you think of ANYTHING else to say but "you're racist! you're racist!"? Since when did choosing to support the VASTLY SUPERIOR candidate (i.e., Hillary Clinton) instead of an ANTI-AMERICAN, racist--yes, he actually *IS* racist, as his attendance for TWENTY YEARS at the seethingly anti-white, anti-Semitic church he attended proves--empty suit make people RACIST? You're such a pathetic bunch of losers...

RichardA said...

I really really wish I could see the look on the faces all of you racists when Obama is sworn in as our next president.

I really do.

SmartAssProducts said...

I really wish you people with pea-sized brains could get through your heads that there are a PLETHORA of valid reasons to oppose Obama, and none of them has to do with his being partially black. But you're such fucking idiots, you can't see past your ONE and only claim--"you're racist!" Morons.

RichardA said...

Oh yeah, and by the way, Hillary-tard (see, we can both play stupid and offensive word games, mine is better too), I noticed that your personal profile lists scores of your left-leaning interests, such as feminism, abortion rights, gay rights, even animal rights etc...While this is all well and good, something is conspicuously missing. There is no mention of minority rights. No mention of black, Latino, Asian, or any other minority affairs. Why is that?
Just don't be so shocked when someone calls you a racist. After all, you clearly hold dogs in higher regard than you hold black folks.

Anonymous said...

The bots have nothing else to do but claim we're all racists. There's no getting through to them that THEY'RE the ones supporting a racist! They don't have the mental acuity to understand that when one opposes a candidate based on said candidate's qualities (or, in Obama's case, LACK of qualities), that has nothing to do with being racist. They're a bunch of idiots...don't let them get to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo you guys are fucking racist idiotic fucktards. Obama is going to fucking win this election and your whore vp sarah palin should go back to letting retarded fucktards out of her shriveled cunt. So yeah, for those voting for McCain you should go commit suicide and go rape your moms because you are so dumb and shouldn't be on this planet. Go Obama/Biden 08.

Bill said...

Barack Obama really puts the bling in a bling con..abe lincoln

Anonymous said...

So how many months into his presidency is it now? Quite a few, what has he done? JACK SHIT! And for all you worthless left wing douchebags, let me know one thing. Have you gotten your "stimulus package"? No. Have you found a job? No. Has he really done anything other than bullshit his way with all the ear marks he said he wasn't going to do/ elect others without any experience/ bow down to Saudi king/OBAMA'S STIMULUS BILL GIVES $165 MILLION IN TAXPAYER MONEY IN BONUSES TO AIG PEOPLE WHO WERE IN CHARGE DURING AIG FAILURE/Obama dismissing the case against the terrorist who masterminded the bombing of the USS Cole that killed 17 of our navy... Theres a start for you idiots who think we are racists because we didn't vote for his sorry muslim ass. Try thinking or would that cause you more brain damage that you recieved while your creepy uncle was backdoor banging you morons?

escott816 said...

HELLO!!! He refuses to acknowledge the flag of the nation he represents! AMERICA!!! And I'm the RACIST??? If I have to be called racist because I refuse to follow Ignorance, Then so be it,
This is a good explaination of healthcare reform!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me, I voted for the American.

Anonymous said...

I think since I'm going to be called racist anyways I should just play the part. Crap. I actually think black people who don't take advantage of our once beautiful system are amazing people and I'm proud of them. Not just black either.. Black, spanish, brazilian, italian, irish, mexican... etc... BUT since I'm going to be called racist I might as well be. This will be fun.. hm hm hmmmm.

Atif Raza said...

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I loved this ! Who does this remind you of ... lol.
Watch Now.!!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Waaay kick-ass, brudda - defeat the stanky BO in '12. It shouldn't be difficult... yet, withe billionaires supporting that puppet and few Americans believing anymore, it's reeelly iffy. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys have no lives. Most of this is true. Our economy is going to crap because of Obama. I have nothing against him as a person. Just him as a president. Everyone who retaliated by cussing and fighting are immature. Which could also be said for most of Obama's followers. Most of the promises he made before he got elected were not met. I will be amazed if he gets elected again. However, congrats to him if he does, He wouldn't do very good for our country if he does. we need someone that would get our country out of debt and will keep their promises. If people can not express their views in a calm manor then it's just immature.

justin said...

Wow your gay lol your dad should have made your mom swallow

blog owner said...

A moron named justin said...

"Wow your gay lol your dad should have made your mom swallow"

First off, genius, it's YOU'RE not YOUR. You might want to use a dictionary--if you're capable of that--to find out the difference. Then there's this thing called PUNCTUATION. Learning how to use it would make your incoherent babbling a little easier to read. Perhaps taking a remedial English class would help.

Second, you're speaking to a heterosexual female here. So if your comment that I'm gay is supposed to be insulting, it just further proves what a moron you are.

That's all.

jokesfb said...

Ha ha ha These pics are very funny , Thanks for so much enjoying me .

Anonymous said...

We need more! Thnx to the race card he has.won again.

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