Friday, October 16, 2009

Wasn't anti-Bush/anti-Republican?

We've gotten a lot of inquiries regarding our apparent switch from pro- to anti-Democrat, and finally decided to just write a blog entry explaining what happened.

First some background. When started, its main focus was anti-Bush merchandise, along with some anti-Republican and anti-conservative stuff thrown in for good measure. We were lifelong, die-hard Democrats; we despised Bush II and everything he represented. We had a countdown clock on the site ticking off the seconds until Bush would finally leave office. Then came 2008's Democratic race.

We were OUTRAGED last year at what we saw happening: Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, etc., jumping on the bandwagon of an untested, under-qualified phenomenon instead of supporting the truly QUALIFIED, and deserving, Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. I personally did fundraising for Clinton, attended meetings and rallies and phone banks, contributed to her campaign, etc. When she was pushed out of the race--despite having more popular votes than Obama--I simply could not switch my allegiance to him. NOT because he forced Hillary out of the race--although I was extremely bitter about that!--but because of how unqualified he was, the terrorists and slumlords and racists he's associated with for decades, etc. I couldn't imagine how anyone could sit in a church for TWENTY YEARS listening to venomous hatred against whites and others... So I said, "party loyalty be damned!" and voted for McCain.

We started focusing on coming up with more anti-Obama slogans and designs. That's been VERY easy! And it sells. We now have anti-Obama merchandise on Zazzle and Printfection as we branch out from our original CafePress shop.

In the process of all this, people started jumping to the wrong conclusion, i.e., that we are now anti-Democrat, pro-Republican. Simply not true--in general, anyway. Anti-Obama? You bet! Anti-all Democrats? Nope. Pro-Republican? In general, no. In specific cases? Yes. I'm proud to say that I did the morally and ethically correct thing last year by choosing not to vote for Obama, and voting for McCain instead. At least with McCain we have an honorable person, a war hero, a veteran, a person with a long history of serving this country in various ways. I feel good about voting for him. Now, if Hillary Clinton hadn't been railroaded out of the race, my vote unequivocally, definitely would have gone to her, and voting for McCain wouldn't have even crossed my mind.

If Obama continues proving what an unqualified dolt he is--as he's done thus far in his first year--I fully expect that the Democrats will come to their senses in 2012. I hope to see Clinton run again, although she's indicated that's not very likely. As long as the Democratic nominee in 2012 is qualified for the office of POTUS, and does not have a multi-decade history of associating with racists and terrorists, I'll vote for her/him. But if it's Obama again? I guess I'll be voting Republican again!

In closing, it's simply incorrect to think we've switched from pro-Democrat to pro-Republican. We've only focused on the office of president, not other elected offices like governor or senator, so the only Democrat referred to on our site is Obama--and we're anti-Obama. Likewise, the only Republican referred to on our site is John McCain--to a very limited degree, i.e., our Don't blame me, I voted for Hillary...and McCain and Don't blame me, I voted for McCain merchandise. We're pro-McCain over Obama, and since McCain is the only Republican we address, it comes out looking like we're pro-Republican. The only way I'd ever consider becoming a Republican is if they became pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-sex education, etc. And that's most likely NEVER going to happen.

So, don't worry, we'll be back to our regular political views once Obama leaves office. Until then, anti-Obama all the way!


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