Friday, February 22, 2008

Barack Obama's spokesperson speechless...priceless!

Did you catch Hardball with Chris Matthews the other day? Specifically, the day when Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio (a Clinton supporter) and Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson (an Obama supporter) were both on live? It was BRILLIANT! Matthews asked Watson a very simple question: List some of Obama's legislative accomplishments. Now, you'd think that a person enthusiastically supporting Obama not only personally, but as his spokesperson on national TV, would be able to come up with SOMETHING...right? (Assuming, of course, that there's anything to come up with!) So what did Watson do? He tried to change the subject. But Matthews wouldn't let him! Matthews kept after him, asking again and again if he could list some of Obama's legislative accomplishments. Dead fucking silence...

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It was beautiful. Absolutely priceless. It showed--better than any anti-Obama blogger could possibly hope to--just how underqualified the man really is for the office of president. If you didn't watch the show, don't despair! Here's a link to a video of the interview. (WARNING: If you're an Obama-ite and, therefore, under the influence of all that hype, you may find yourself squirming before the video is over. And rightly so! You're supporting someone based on...what?)


Sal Costello said...

Sen. Kirk Watson is a snake. And, Karma is a bitch. It's just too bad that it has to make a presidential candidate look bad.

In October, Sen. Kirk Watson voted to ignore the public and divert nearly a Billion tax dollars to convert portions of Austin existing freeways (183, 290W, 290E, 71E, and 71W) into tollways. This is a Gov. Perry scheme to shift freeways to tollways.

Why is Watson selling out citizens for special interests?

This double tax, of tolling drivers to use public expressways to drive to work, school and shop, benefits Watson contributors, developers he was hired to lobby for and the City of Austin, who pays Watson $450 an hour to do land deals.

SmartAssProducts said...

But it's not just Watson's dead silence in that interview that makes Obama look bad--it's Obama's lack of accomplishments that does that. You know, I started out really liking Obama--and wanting him to be Clinton's VP this time around--but the more I see and hear about him, the more I dislike him.

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